Key Benefits

  • Confirms to the employee that the company has received the appeal
  • Gives written notification to the employee of the appeal date, time and venue
  • Ensures that the employee understand that the panel's decision will be final
  • Helps you through each stage of the process if matters escalate
  • Stops you having to construct disciplinary letters when you are busy
  • Ensures you are in control of running the company
  • Makes the employee aware that the behaviour is not acceptable
  • Protects the company
  • Shows your larger clients that you run an efficient company
  • Ensures that without an improvement by the employee you are within your rights to take further action
  • Sends a message that it is not acceptable to breach company procedures

Who would use it?

  • Line Managers
  • Directors
  • Small Company Owners
  • Human Resources Representatives

What is it? 

The 'Confirmation of Appeal to Written Warning’ is an employee communication from the company. 

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Confirmation of Appeal to Written Warning’ to inform the employee that the company has received their appeal. The letter provides all the necessary information to attend and what to prepare for.

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Confirmation of Appeal to Written Warning’ to ensure that you manage any potential breach's of the Company Disciplinary Procedure in a recognised format and document each step of the process in case of tribunal or appeal.

Additional Information

Many company's don't operate a structured approach to the disciplinary process and hence apply a 'Hire and Fire' type arrangement that opens them up to legal implications due to an unfair application of the process. Contrary to belief, business owners cannot make the rules up as they go along as they also are accountable to outside bodies. By following a recognised procedure and recording each step of the process each company should possess sufficient documentation to support it's actions if they experience intervention by tribunal or otherwise.

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