If you are on this page then you have probably agreed to purchase one of our goods or services outside of the normal automated system.

Please do not use the service unless you have discussed it with the site administrators via the website contact form. 

If they are in agreement then please utilise the following steps to make paymant: 

Pay for a membership utilising a card
            - Without taking out a Paypal Membership:


1. You - Click on the 'Buy Now' button below. 

2. You - Click on "Pay with a debit or credit card" and make payment. 

* Note - When you are offered to sign up to Paypal at the end, click "No thanks"

3. You - Will receive an email offering a download link to a copy of our terms and conditions for your records. 

4. Us - Site administrators will receive an email to say a manual membership application has been purchased. 

5. Us - Site administrators will manually set up a new user (member).

       * Please Note: Existing members will be able to retain the same username and password. 

6. Us - A username and password will be send to you via email.




Source Manufacturer's Manual:


Source and supply a manufacturer's manual not listed on our website (there will not be a fee if the manual is not found). 

Once the manual has been found, the customer will be contacted to make payment.