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Goto Gas Docs was initially the idea of Marc Lockley a Gas Consultant who has spent nearly 34 years in various roles within the gas industry.

Marc started as an apprentice with British Gas and over his 27 years with them worked as an engineer, technician, trainer, assessor, field manager, service manager, regional manager and finished his career with them as a master coach, changing the whole operation strategy of the company. 

After winning the 'National Individual Award' at British Gas for best business improvement ideas, Marc was chosen to work as a master coach. The master coach team shared all the thinking from the best practices within the company and rolled it out across the business for everyone to enjoy the benefits.

Where did the Goto Gas Docs idea come from? 

After leaving British Gas Marc initially spent his time as a Business Improvement Director at a company supplying maintenance services (including gas) to over 20 major social housing clients. The main role here was to introduce normal practices and procedures throughout the contractor business. Marc's time here helped him to understand the obvious gap in the market for off-the-shelf products as many standard documents and forms had to be written from scratch. 

Wanting to investigate the market further, Marc decided to leave and set up as a gas consultant spending the next two years with various companies writing anything from a time sheet to a successful £19 million tender for gas maintenance and repair works. 

Since leaving British Gas, it was clear that there was an opportunity to develop a mechanism that could help all sizes of gas business's whether an engineer working as a sole trader, a small local business with standard process's and procedures or an expanding business with templates for tender writing, or managing senior managers and staff in line with the business expectations. 

Developing Goto Gas Docs 

Marc finished his consultancy contracts and set about bringing a team together to launch a website where people working within the gas industry could either purchase and download one-off document templates when they needed them, or subscribe their business to an annual membership and download documents freely. The annual membership provided by the Goto Gas Docs team would open their employees up to an ever expanding and improving database of everything normally required to run a gas business. 

Marc secured the expert services of Terry Cassell, a well known Web Designer / Programmer and with a team of consultants from the various business areas supporting document design; Goto Gas was born after 2 full years of development. 

The website - 52,000 page views in the first six months!

Free Boiler Manuals / Gas Manuals

The Goto Gas Website provides all users with free access to over 8,000 boiler / gas manuals. The manuals can be easily found by either using the search facility or directly from the 'Boiler Manuals' page.

With over 8,000 manuals, the website is by far the largest free gas manuals website in the country.

Document Templates  

Website users also have access to gas documentation templates, industry manuals, help tools, information and services so that they can concentrate on running their gas business's. To date we have over 186 document templates for all types of gas business, with a further 70 under development for future release. 

The documentation required to operate any size gas business professionally is extensive and costly. Activities and administration can vary from everyday engineer forms to boiler manuals, health and safety, quality control, surveying, customer correspondence, human resources, writing tenders, recruitment, accounts, gas manuals, toolbox talks and much, much more. Developing, maintaining or just purchasing the documentation can put a strain on any business resources. 

Why purchase endless pads of gas forms or design risk assessments, when you can become a member and have the template? Whether you work for yourself, or are part of a company, why not join our membership scheme today as the Goto Gas Docs team aims to continually grow it's document library tailored by your requirements, to support you, our customer.