Key benefits? 

    • 5 Page requisition to identify the materials requirement for each installation
    • Reduces the risk of material shortages
    • Reduces additional visits to the merchant
    • Ensures all materials are identified and a cost to the job
    • Can be faxed or sent by email to the merchant
    • Can be checked against the delivery note for merchant shortages
    • Ensures the customer pays for consumable items used at the premise

Who would use it? 

    • Surveyor
    • Any other person surveying for potential installation works

What is it? 

The 'Materials Requisition Form' is a 5 sided document used to prompt the surveyor into identifying the correct materials for an installation job. The form has been pre-populated with the more common installation materials and the format can easily be adapted to add further items.  

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Materials Requisition Form' on all installation type work which requires the necessity for an individual survey to be completed. It is recommended that the surveyor or engineer planning the future installation work use this in addition to the larger items normally ordered on a blank requisition form e.g. boiler, radiators and flue materials etc.

Why would you use it?  

You would use the 'Materials Requisition Form' as it very quickly removes any potential shortfalls by the use of easy prompts. If you get your local merchant to pre-populate prices against each item then this will also help you gain an accurate idea how much you will be spending on additional items. All too often fittings and smaller materials costs are guessed and can become expensive as precious metals are forever on the increase. The form takes a few minutes to complete but can save valuable time and avoid disagreements on material shortages at the time of the installation.  

Additional Information  

For the medium to large companies there are usually regular complaints regarding materials shortages from poor surveys. These shortages create additional visits to the merchants delaying expected completion times. If this element isn't included in the standard process for surveying installation work then it can have a major impact on work planning, customer satisfaction, employee morale and ultimately profit margins. Using this template will help you communicate better with each level of your business and suppliers. Again this has been developed to enable you to alter the template to meet your individual needs.

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