Key Benefits

  • Prompts the surveyor to identify the key installation requirements
  • Captures all important exiting system arrangements
  • Identifies any requirements for additional trades.
  • Identifies qualification criteria for potential works
  • Ensures a more accurate installation time
  • Ensures a more accurate price
  • Prompts the surveyor to build in safe working as standard 

Who would use it?

  • Surveyor
  • Any other person surveying for potential installation works

What is it?

The 'Install Combination Boiler Form' is a 2 sided document used when you want to capture all the survey elements required for this type of installation. The surveyor will use it as a template guide to ensure all elements of the existing and potential new system are recorded ready for pricing. 

When would you use it?

You would use the 'Install Combination Boiler Form' every time you are going to replace an existing boiler with a combination boiler. 

Why would you use it?

You would use the 'Install Combination Boiler Form' to ensure you identify and collate the necessary information to carry out a professional installation of the new appliance. Simple recording of this criteria will help the user to ensure that they have adequate information to formulate an accurate price that reflects the potential job being undertaken.

Additional Information

Inaccurate boiler change surveys can be a major issue causing: 

  • Reduced profit margins
  • Job over runs
  • Recalls
  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Engineers to carry out work they are not qualified to do
  • Insufficient material orders (more downtime visits to the merchants)
  • Supporting trades not organised

The form is a very swift guide to ensure you don't have to remember everything and it is a template that can easily be changed to suit your individual needs.

Please be aware that to purchase and use this template you must be 'Gas Safe' registered.

Non Members: £9.99 Members: Free