Key benefits? 

  • Helps the surveyor to identify potential hazards
  • Protects your workforce
  • Ensures the user can measure the degree of risk easily
  • Helps the user to understand when to involve a 'Health and Safety Officer.'
  • Can be used at the time of survey
  • Ensures the company retains a safe image

Who would use it? 

  • Surveyor
  • Any other person surveying for potential installation works

What is it? 

The 'Hazard Identification Form' is a document utilised to prompt the user to identify and resolve any potential hazards at the survey stage of an installation job. The form has been pre-populated to highlight problem areas due to jobs failing at the installation stage and on many occasions delaying agreed completion dates or putting employees at risk.     

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Hazard Identification Form' on all installation type work which requires the need for an individual survey to be carried out. It is recommended that the surveyor planning future installation work use this as a conversation prompt tool with the customer to remove any potential hazards prior to the installation stage. 

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Hazard Identification Form' as it very quickly identifies any potential hazards by the use of an easy to follow checklist. The customer is generally on site at the time of the survey so potential issues can be resolved prior to the installation date and if not, the form will help the installation engineer understand what has been agreed

Additional Information

For the medium to large companies there are usually regular complaints from engineers being exposed to hazards not being identified at the survey stage of the job. The box at the bottom of the form ensures that the surveyor can be identified and would normally sign to confirm correct application of the process. This method has proved effective in resolving potential risk areas and also assists in proving the company acts in a more professional manner when bidding for work. 

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