Key Benefits

  • The customer needs to confirm payment prior to any additional works
  • Profit margins remain intact
  • No unexpected additional payments as variation's explained to the customer
  • Ensures additional work/labour time is included in the planning system
  • Materials can be recorded on this sheet

Who would use it?

  • Sales Person
  • Surveyor
  • Engineer
  • Line Manager
  • Any other person surveying for potential installation works

What is it? 

The 'Quotation Variation Form' is a method of capturing additional chargeable work not originally quoted for at the survey stage.

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Quotation Variation Form' on all installation type work when additional work not quoted for is discovered. The form would normally be used in the following circumstances:

  • The customer has requested the additional work
  • The surveyor has omitted an item of work from the original quotation
  • The engineer has highlighted additional works at the time of installation

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Quotation Variation Form' to ensure the customer has agreed for the additional works to take place and has signed to settle the increased account when the work is completed. Without this, it has been proved that it can be very difficult to gain payment for the work as the customer may feel that it should have been highlighted at the survey stage.

Additional Information 

For the medium to large companies there are usually regular cost 'Write-offs' due to the lack of a variation order process. This is also a great tool for highlighting incorrect surveys and who the business minded engineers are who understand profit and loss.

Please be aware that to purchase and use this template you must be 'Gas Safe' registered.

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