Key benefits?

    • A ready made list of all the items generally required within a typical install consumable stock
    • Reduces the risk of material shortages on jobs
    • Reduces additional visits to the merchant
    • The surveyor can judge how accurate they need to be as all materials and quantities are identified within the consumable stock list
    • Makes stock taking easier

Who would use it?

    • Install Engineer
    • Surveyors
    • Contract Manager

What is it? 

The 'Install Engineer Consumable Stock List' is a document used to identify the Installation Engineer's stock held within the van.   

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Install Engineer Consumable Stock List' when you want to identify the items to be held on each van.

Why would you use it?  

You would use the 'Install Engineer Consumable Stock List' as it very quickly removes any potential shortfalls with van stocks, reductions in first time fix and additional trips to the merchants. If you get your local merchant to pre-populate prices against each material in the list then this will also help you gain an accurate idea how much you are spending on each item. All too often smaller costs are guessed and can become expensive on larger jobs so the list also gives the surveyor a guide as to costing and can even attach this list to a survey if required.

Additional Information  

For the medium to large companies there are usually regular complaints regarding shortages from poor surveys. These shortages create additional visits to the merchants delaying expected completion times. If this element isn't included within the standard process it can have a major impact on work planning, customer satisfaction, employee morale and ultimately profit margins. Using this template will help replace van stock items and feed back any survey shortages via this list. Again this has been developed to enable you to alter the template to meet your individual needs.

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