Key benefits?

    • A ready made list of a variety of installation work kits
    • Reduces the risk of material shortages on jobs
    • Reduces additional visits to the merchant
    • The surveyor can use the kits rather than having to order each individual fitting - give your merchant a copy of the kit number
    • Comes complete with a typical installation van stock list within the menu
    • Comes complete with a van stock replenishment form
    • Over 30 installation kits supplied with a framework to add more

Who would use it?

    • Install Engineer
    • Surveyor
    • Small business owner
    • Planners and work allocators
    • Contract Manager
    • Staff writing tender documents

What is it? 

The 'Install Work Kits' file is a series of documents designed to assist the people involved within the install process.  

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Install Work Kits' when carrying out surveys or to identify costs prior to a tender.

Why would you use it?  

You would use the 'Install Work Kits' as the method dramatically saves time for the surveyor and merchant when it comes to materials ordering and survey time. If each kit is costed then this can be built directly into the install costs rather than guessing materials fittings prices which can be a costly mistake, especially if you are tendering for many similar jobs without a 'Schedule of rates' system.

Additional Information  

For the medium to large companies there are usually regular complaints regarding materials shortages from poor surveys. These shortages create additional visits to the merchants delaying expected completion times. If this element isn't included in the standard process it can have a major impact on work planning, customer satisfaction, employee morale and ultimately profit margins. Using this template will help replace van stock items and feed back any survey shortages via this list. Again this has been developed to enable you to alter the template to meet your individual needs and add kits to suit your work.

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