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What documents are contained within the 'Lead Engineer Package?'

The following '12' thumbnails show snapshots of some of the documents held within the package.

Key benefits?  

  • Multiple templates for various stages of the recruitment process, you choose what you would like to use in your company from the suite of options
  • Basic and advanced question / answer papers to shortlist candidates
  • Full job specification document that you can tailor for your company
  • Job interview paperwork complete with pre-populated questions and scoring grid so you can rank your various candidates
  • Basic interview agenda to ensure a uniform approach is taken with each candidate
  • Target setting template to show the candidate what you expect in the first year
  • Recruitment checklist to ensure you (and the candidate/s) are prepared for the interviews
  • Matrix sheet to collate all scores when interviewing multiple candidates

Who would use it? 

  • Manager
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Project Leader
  • Director

What is it? 

The 'Lead Engineer Recruitment Package' is a suite of electronic templates (in Excel) that you would expect to use when sourcing, testing and interviewing candidates for this type of role.

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Lead Engineer Recruitment Package' when you want to ensure you employ the correct person for this role using a range of testing rather than going on 'Gut' instinct which mostly focus's on personality. Weakness generally unfold down the line if the work isn't put in at the interview stage. 

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Lead Engineer Recruitment Package' so you can just print off the required elements you require for the process even if it's at short notice. The reason the 'Wrong' person is employed is generally because the interviewer doesn't have the time to properly prepare; you have all the templates you need here to just print and go at a moments notice. Just alter any of the documents to suite your company requirements (wages etc) and you are ready to go.

Additional Information 

Clearly company's have different views on the time spent on recruitment, once you have tweaked the documents to suit your personal needs, check 'Print preview' and you'll have a package that you can print when required. Once you're used to the template, I have seen company's conducting an interview and testing with five minutes notice. 

Please be aware that to purchase and use this template you must be 'Gas Safe' registered. 

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