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A 32 page 'Quality Control' Procedure (Service and Repair Work)

  • Flow charts
  • Plenty of references to documents
  • Easily adaptable template

Key benefits?

  • Multiple template references for various stages of the quality control procedure
  • Great for use within slides when tendering for work with new clients
  • Housekeeping checklist and matrix explanations to ensure your engineers actually have the basic tools to work within the industry. Are you really sure they have or use them?
  • Explanation of the 'Service and Repair Form' to check the quality of the engineer's work either 'Work in Progress' or 'Post Complete
  • Transfer failures only to the monthly matrix to highlight failure and trends in each area by engineer and by question/check.
  • High and low level charts pre-populated from each matrix
  • Data rich to ensure easy analysis by clients or third party's i.e. 'Gas Safe' 
  • Easily adaptable to add other disciplines i.e. commercial

Who would use it?

  • Manager
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Lead Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Clients

What is it? 

The 'Quality Control Procedure' is an MS Word template.

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Quality Control Procedure' as standard when you run a company that expects to supervise, manage quality and skills ensuring that all coaching and training needs are highlighted and resolved.

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Quality Control Procedure' to ensure that you use factual feedback data to manage the knowledge and skills of your workforce. This ensures the best possible mechanism toward a safe management of your customer's appliances and premises. This is a great analysis tool for trends and is generally used for coaches meetings or feedback to clients when operating an 'Open Book' type of service.

Additional Information 

This particular template is in a basic format to ensure staff in your company can easily adapt, add or change items e.g. add commercial qc. Many company's do not operate the recommended 10% (of all work) quality control system and are always one poor job away from an HSE or Gas Safe visit! I have been to a few company's now where I have strongly recommended a system only to be called back later and install one because a serious situation has occurred. These follow ups have both been after a visit from the HSE and/or Gas Safe and the company has been 'TOLD' to improve this area prior to a re-inspection; the management teams did not enjoy the experience of each situation. 

Please be aware that to purchase and use this template you must be 'Gas Safe' registered. 

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