Key Benefits

  • This enables one source for recording your company lateness absence
  • Up to 50 staff can be used on the plan, or utilise multiple plans for various departments
  • Easy to follow spreadsheet format
  • No passwords or hidden cells so you can tailor it further if required
  • Easy set-up screen that transfers all relevant information to each monthly sheet
  • An individual lateness record set for each month and employee
  • Advertises to your clients that your company records lateness effectively
  • Can be used in a central location for all to access e.g. HR and managers
  • Provides a simple professional template to handle data
  • Shows your larger clients that you run an efficient company

Who would use it?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Line Managers
  • Call Centre Managers
  • Work Planners
  • Human Resources Officers

What is it? 

The 'Lateness Record’ is a company recording and maintenance tool. 

When would you use it? 

Record’ any time an employee is late for work.

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Lateness Record’ to ensure that your records are accurate as instances of this affect the workload manpower balance on the day. It is also a good tool for HR and payroll to double check claims are accurate. Managers will use the record to indicate when the various stages of the lateness absence procedure need to be triggered.  

Additional Information

For people who are generally organised, this is standard within their operation. Once lateness absence has been brought to the manager's attention and dates confirmed, this should be recorded within the matrix as it affects the overall business operation.

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