Key Benefits

  • Records an agreement between the employer and employee
  • Ensures uniforms issued are returned or paid for if lost or leaving the company
  • Makes the employee aware of financial implications when leaving the company
  • Details all the uniform issued prior to employees leaving the company
  • Ensures ex employees cannot impersonate existing employees when leaving the company

Who would use it?

  • All Employees being issued with a uniform

What is it?

The 'Uniform Issue Return Form’ is a 2 sided agreement between employee and employer.

When would you use it?

You would use the 'Uniform Issue Return Form’ whenever an employee receives uniform paid for by the company.

Why would you use it?

You would use the 'Uniform Issue Return Form’ to ensure the company is protected financially from employees who lose uniform prior to leaving the company. It is reasonable to expect the company to be reimbursed for any missing uniform.

Additional Information

The form is fairly standard practice nowadays within the ‘Gas’ industry due to the rising costs of the standard uniform.

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