Key Benefits

  • Supplies the company with valuable information as to why employees leave the company
  • Improvement trends can be planned against the worst failure items
  • Informs the company of issues it wasn’t aware of
  • Helps the employee bring problems to light that they normally wouldn’t communicate verbally
  • Helps the company collate information that otherwise wouldn’t be available

Who would use it?

  • Employees leaving the company

What is it? 

The 'Exit Interview Form’ is a 4 sided document enabling a feedback route for all employees leaving the company.

When would you use it?

You would use the form every time an existing employee leaves the company. 

Why would you use it?

You would use the 'Exit Interview Form’ as a valuable feedback tool to ensure the company learns why employees feel the need to seek employment elsewhere.

Additional Information

Lots of company’s don’t see the form as worthwhile whereas forward thinking company’s see this as one of the most valuable feedback mechanisms a company can possesses. People running the company get to obtain feedback that can be trended easily and can shape the company into the way it operates into the future.

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