Key benefits?  

  • Enables the user to follow a recognised template when recording actions
  • Ensures there is a measurable meeting output of agreed tasks
  • The action log automatically records all overdue actions
  • The log can be kept on a central location and updated by all attendees
  • Actions can be filtered by each individual
  • The date is automatically updated from the computers clock
  • Action status is traffic lighted by its current status e.g. open, started or done
  • There is a 'Current status' bar chart against action log status
  • Actions can be hidden when completed to keep the log at a manageable size
  • The log is in 'Excel' so additional lines can be added
  • The log can be placed on a projector at the beginning and end of each meeting for updating of progress

Who would use it? 

  • Lead Engineer
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Manager
  • Project Leader
  • Director
  • Anyone who issues tasks

What is it? 

The 'Action Log' is an electronic form constructed to record all agreed tasks / action areas from the meeting outputs. 

When would you use it? 

You would use the 'Action Log' when you want to record the following: 

  • Keep a track on overdue actions
  • Outputs of meeting
  • Feedback to hierarchy on progress
  • Who raised the action
  • What is the issue
  • What is the action
  • Who is to complete the action
  • Meeting date
  • When the action is due
  • Action Status
  • Additional Comments

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Action Log' to ensure action progress is monitored post meeting. This is a superb tool for project managers and line managers alike as it brings the outstanding tasks to life ensuring you have a full picture of deadlines and progress. It can be easily sent via email and used on a laptop if required rather than a blank sheet. 

Additional Information

Most users have an action log for each type of meeting to ensure they have full sight of the size of each task, especially if on a project. The action log can be used for a number of disciplines but ultimately it enables the user to concentrate on the task at hand and leave the log to remember what needs to be completed.

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