Key benefits?

  • Provides the gas operative with a '12 page risk assessment template' specific to repairing a warm air unit
  • There is a further template provided so the gas operative can assign control implementation actions
  • The risk assessment template allows the gas operative to assess the degree of risk easily by following a pre-defined format
  • Assists the gas operative to build a suite of risk assessment templates for pre-tenders, tenders and company procedures
  • Should be used when carrying out survey's and programmes of work
  • Ensures the company maintains a safe image to its employees, customer and clients
  • There can be major penalties for failing to carry out risk assessments

Who would use it?

  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Management
  • Quality control engineers
  • Lead engineers
  • Health and safety officers
  • Call centre staff
  • Cleaning staff
  • Sub-contractors

What is it? 

The 'Risk Assessment Template' is a '12' page document formulated to assist the user carry out an assessment of repairing a warm air unit. The method of inspection is one of a procedural examination of the job route to identify, assess and record risks with a view to put control measures in place, when recorded on the actions template supplied. The gas operative would generally carry out a 'Walk the job' assessment of the risks.

When would you use it? 

Risk assessments should be completed for all tasks undertaken by every company / organisation. A risk assessment should not only be completed prior to commencement of each task but also should be reviewed periodically, when process's change, new employees, new substances or places of work etc. 

Why would you use it? 

You would use the 'Risk Assessment Template' to ensure that everyone exposed to potential risks are protected by control measures. Within the risk assessment, the competent person carrying out the examination should be able to identify risks and put in place adequate controls to remove or reduce them. 

Additional Information 

Risk assessments assist organisations to protect themselves and others exposed to their operational work and environment by the use of an assessment with control actions. Organisations are open to huge penalties, fines and imprisonment if these assessments are not in place and can be easily inspected on request; especially if an accident or injury occurs and the organisation is investigated.

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