Key benefits? 

  • Gives a professional image to your managers (subordinates)
  • Ensures that the key areas of your staff are recorded and actioned
  • As a busy manager you can scan the dashboard for overdue actions without going into the individual logs for progress
  • You can easily measure the progress of individual manager's
  • Completed actions can be hidden but will still appear in the progress chart
  • The file uses the computers clock to check dates and overdue actions
  • Actions are traffic lighted by its current status e.g. Open, started or done
  • The log is in 'Excel' so additional lines can be added
  • The log can be placed on a projector at the beginning and end of each meeting for ease
  • The dashboard and log can be used for various issues by just changing the titles e.g. your personal actions from each of the various meetings you attend

Who would use it? 

  • Lead Engineer
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Manager
  • Project Leader
  • Director
  • Anyone who is task orientated

What is it? 

The 'Manage the Managers Dashboard' is a collection of 9 electronic action log's constructed to record agreed tasks / action areas from the various key issues. The main dashboard is a snapshot of the status of each managers progress against the actions. 

When would you use it?  

You would use the 'Manage the Managers Dashboard' when you have managers reporting to you and you want to highlight the following:

  • Progress against company key areas
  • Potential risk areas through lack of progress
  • Poor performing managers
  • Keep a track on overdue actions
  • Who raised the action
  • Current issues
  • Current actions
  • Who owns outstanding actions
  • Action due dates
  • Action Status
  • Output actions of a meeting

Why would you use it?  

You would use the 'Manage the Managers Dashboard' to ensure your managers work toward achievement of the key areas of their Kpi's. This is a superb tool for project managers and line managers alike as it brings the outstanding tasks to life ensuring you have a full picture of deadlines and progress. It can be easily sent via email and used on a laptop if required rather than a blank sheet.

Additional Information

The 'Manage the Managers Dashboard' ensures you focus on what 'YOU' need require of your managers to achieve the collective responsibility. Most users posses an action log to ensure they don't 'Drop the ball' and they are on top of any risk areas;

the overdue element within the main dashboard being a superb prompt . The template can be used for any number of logs just by changing the title in each box. Some Manager's use this solely for their personal action areas from all the various meeting types they attend, it will work for both.

Non Members: £12.49 Members: Free