Key benefits?

  • Enables the user to follow a recognised template
  • Permanent record of who has received a technical bulletin
  • Protects the company from outside scrutiny e.g. checks of technical bulletin issue by the HSE or Gas Safe (an example would be flues in voids).
  • Can be transferred to a main matrix or left 'as is' dependant upon company size
  • Employees have to sign to confirm the briefing took place
  • Can be used in the employee training file or transferred onto company system when complete
  • Keeps a company log of bulletins issued when inducting new staff

Who would use it?

  • Lead engineer
  • Line Manager
  • Trainer
  • Quality Control Officer

When would you use it?  

You would use the 'Technical Bulletin Register' whenever a company or industry bulletin is briefed and issued.

Why would you use it?  

You would use the 'Technical Bulletin Register' to ensure the company has a permanent record of all briefings that have taken place where a technical bulletin has been issued. The register ensures that the company is aware who has been briefed and also who needs to be briefed to ensure the company operates with the correct knowledge base and more importantly, safely.

Additional Information

It has to be said that this is a real risk area for company's not keeping a record. With some companies not sure if they have issued bulletins on the following...... 

  • Flues in voids / inspection hatches
  • Asbestos containing appliances
  • Air / gas ratio valves is difficult to see that not only will an incident be likely into the future but the company could lose it's registration (or worse) if it cannot prove it has operated in a professional manner. Some companies choose to send their bulletins by post but this really does not confirm understanding, receipt of the bulletin or any briefing. As has been observed, when an incident occurs within a company and the HSE / Gas Safe are involved, this small form has protected the company from serious repercussions.

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