Key benefits? 

This document usually acts as a continuation sheet for the following documents:

  • Landlord Gas Safety Record
  • Warning Advice Note
  • Job Sheet
  • Can be used to further explain awkward engineer issues
  • Can be used to further explain awkward customer issues (especially if you require a record)

Who would use it? 

  • Engineer
  • Lead Engineer
  • Quality Control Representative

What is it? 

The 'Additional Information Sheet' is a document designed to ensure all elements of information can be recorded even if by use of this additional sheet.

When would you use it?  

You would use the 'Additional Information Sheet' when you either do not have enough room or would like to add further comments to supplement one of the standard documents.

Why would you use it?  

Within the Gas Industry there are many regulations and problem areas that arise that need clarification in writing; sometimes for record purposes, and sometimes for further works. The 'Additional Information Sheet' gives you the flexibility when used as a supplement to the other forms to further record any relevant information.

Additional Information 

Although this is a very basic sheet, it certainly has a place when trying to ensure you have captured all the required information, especially around 'Warning Advice Notes' and further works. 

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