Green Documents

Renewable Templates - Launched October 2012

After starting Goto Gas back in April 2012, the team have received many enquires from gas companies requesting renewables sector document templates.

The requests have pretty much revolved around the initial building of a 'Quality Manual' for their business's prior to MCS accreditation due to some companies charging on average between £300 and £600 for the full 'Quality Manual;' most gas companies have just been trying to source the documents they didn't have rather than pay for a full suite.

So, we have decided that when practical we will endeavour to expand documentation of this nature to support our members but obviously gas documents are our primary support mechanism.

All the 'Green' documentation templates can be altered to suit individual companies and some are generic regardless of trade e.g. an invoice can be used for any trade.

Hopefully you will find this section useful as an addition to the Goto Gas Docs website.

Please use the 'Contact Us' form to request any documentation we don't have and we will do our very best to compile it for you as each request comes in.

Kind Regards

The Goto Gas Team


Word Document Templates:

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Quality Manual Document Templates
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Audit Report Form

This template is used when a company process is
to be audited. The audit form is a simple document
to ensure that any changes in the measured process
are recorded. Any new/improved process would be
recorded in the company 'Quality Manual.'

Customer Enquiry Form

The 'Customer Enquiry Form' is a document that
collects information from the customer regarding
an enquiry for an install. The information recorded
would be passed to a surveyor for background
information prior to making contact with the
customer to arrange a suitable appointment. 

Customer Complaint Form

The 'Customer Complaint Form' records all the
customer's contact details and reasons for
complaint with any resolution actions. The form also
has an authority level to ensure a satisfactory
conclusion has been reached prior to being logged.

Final Letter (Warranty and Invoice)

This is a closing letter to the customer to confirm
the installation is complete and warranty period
is due to start. This would normally be accompanied
by a warranty pack and installation manuals.
Most companies attach their invoice to this letter.

Installation Confirmation Letter

The 'Installation Confirmation Letter' confirms the
date at which the installation will take place and all
the relevant details around it. It prepares the
customer for what is about to happen, how long it
will take and what the disruption might be i.e.
scaffolding will be erected etc.


This is a standard invoice document detailing all
labour, materials and VAT etc. Payment type details
are recorded and any relevant order numbers
detailed on the invoice.

Non-Conformance Form

The 'Non Conformance Form' is generally used on
audit but can actually be used at any time. If your
staff have a procedure it should be regularly
audited to ensure it is still suitable and staff are
aware and in compliance of it. If a procedure is
found wanting then the form should instigate the
change and the new procedure recorded in the
Quality Manual.  

Non Conformance Labels

The 'Non Conformance Labels' are usually attached
to parts, materials and equipment that do not
conform to current procedures within the Quality
Manual. The label lets the staff know that the item
should be left as it is part of the audit process. 

Purchase Order

This is a standard 'Purchase Order' template that
can be adapted to suit. As you would expect it
holds contact details, item descriptions, part
numbers, prices, VAT etc.   

Sub-Contractor Take On Form

The 'Sub Contractor Take On Form' details all the
relevant checks you would expect to be taken
prior to any agreement of employment. The form
is easily adaptable to suit your companies personal
requirements. It would ask typical questions around
insurance, 'Scope of work' to carry out and
qualifications etc along with normal personal
contact details. 

Supplier Performance Review

The 'Supplier Performance Review' is a very
simplistic form but has been proved in the past to
iron out many poor performance issues that can
cost each company valuable time and in effect
money. The audit should be on a regular basis and
most companies will check against any individual
supplier agreements in place.